357 Magnum Full Wadcutter Teaser — Happy New Year

Teaser Video.
Loaded up some 357 Magnum DEWC Double Ended Wadcutter of Full Wadcutter. We are going to shoot them across the chronograph attempting to achieve speeds of 1000fps to 1200fps. This is the joy of reloading as I have never seen this done before with 357 Magnum. I have shot many 38special wadcutters downrange but never 357Magnum. I used Lyman 50 reloading manual and quickload to come up with a load that’s safe and well under SAAMI Spec. If quickload is correct it should come in at 30886psi with SAAMI Spec being 35000PSI this should be well within the safe zone and achieve some where between 1000fps to 1200fps.

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