The Reloaders Network live chat has moved from Slack to Discord

The Reloaders Network is a combination of many things, but it’s one community.

  • ● This main site is where most of the articles, videos, and podcasts are featured. It also has a store where several items are sold.
  • ● Several months ago we added Headspace, a social media site where the community can more freely interact and share with one another. It’s also a host to the content that doesn’t fit the niche of this main site.
  • ● Many in our community also have been using Slack for real time conversation. In fact, The Reloaders Network name came from our initial time together on Slack several weeks before the main website was formed.

This community has been using Slack for daily communication for the last 23 months. It’s been a great service, but over the last several days we’ve been testing a different service called Discord, and the feedback during this testing has been that, overwhelmingly, this community prefers using Discord over Slack. The testing and trial run of Discord are complete and a success.

If you haven’t yet, I would like to invite and encourage you to join the conversation on Discord here:

Thank you, and happy new year!

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