The Headspace Site … is like a Forum?

I created the Headspace site ( several months ago as a place for our community to interact.  You will find a link to that site in the menu under the Community heading.  We have not done much advertising of the site yet, and you’ll likely see some more advertising soon, but I wanted to take this opportunity to highlight just a few things without covering all of the features.

First, a few quick notes:

  • – The Headspace site does not use the same account as the main TRN site.  You must register for a Headspace account.
  • – You must upload your avatar (profile picture) before you will be able to post or comment.
  • – There is a Help/FAQ page that covers many features and answers many questions:

Several users have compared the features and layout of Headspace to Facebook.  While it is somewhat similar to Facebook in both form and function, rest assured that it is not Facebook.  Headspace is run from servers that belong to The Reloaders Network, not any corporation in Silicon Valley.

Headspace does not look like a traditional web forum, but it does in fact operate in very similar ways.  Here are a few examples:

A traditional web forum consolidates like posts together within Sections.  Headspace has multiple Groups available for the same purpose.  (Any user may create their own groups on Headspace.)

The Headspace Site ... is like a Forum? 3

Within each section of a traditional web forum there are individual Threads.  Within the Headspace Groups there are threads as well, but some of the thread responses are visible without having to open the thread.

The Headspace Site ... is like a Forum? 5

Within each thread of a traditional web forum there is the original comment or post followed by the responses.  The threads/posts within the Headspace Groups also contain threaded responses, and Headspace also allows those responses to have additional nested responses.

The Headspace Site ... is like a Forum? 7


Headspace may not look like the traditional web forum you are used to, but I encourage you to try it out and the format will likely become very comfortable to you after no more than a few days of use.  The list of Groups on Headspace is not the default view, but you can find it by selecting “Groups” in the Headspace site menu.

If you would like to use the site but need some assistance getting set up or with figuring out the features you can always reach out to me here, on Headspace, on our live chat service on Discord, or through email.

I look forward to seeing your posts, pictures, videos, and comments on Headspace!


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