Lee Classic Turret Press tune up, maintenance and lube…primer lever fix!

In this video I will share my ideas on cleaning, lubrication, spare parts and adjustments for the Lee Classic turret press. We’ll remove the ram, and I’ll show you a fix for the primer lever catching on shell holder problem… click “show more” for links to parts.


Press parts: https://leeprecision.com/parts/reloading-presses/turret-press/classic-turret-press-parts

Shell holder springs: https://leeprecision.com/retainer-shell-hld..html

Auto index clamp: https://leeprecision.com/auto-index-clamp.html

Square ratchet bushing: https://leeprecision.com/square-ratchet.html

Wiper for auto disk powder measures: http://leeprecision.com/wiper.html

Lee safety prime return spring (recommended by viewer): https://leeprecision.com/return-spring.html

Graphite lube: http://www.homedepot.com/p/Blaster-5-5-oz-Industrial-Graphite-Dry-Lubricant-8-GS/202597501

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