This is the first time, to my knowledge…that a Chronograph has ever been used to clock the speed of a cast Hollow Point ‘EXITING’ a jug of water after expansion. The projectile entered the jug at 908 Feet Per Second and exited at 450 FPS.

Now that may not seem significant to many of you out there but some of us OldPorchDogs over on the chat channel in Discord #ole-porch-dogs were talking about it and we just had to find out…the question was, “Who is the Dummy that’s going to risk a chronograph to find out?
That Dummy was me..’CharlieBS’er’ and I’d like to invite you to join us every morning for a hot cup a Joe…chew the fat and have a good time. Come on over for a friendly visit Boys!”

You can sign up for or log into our Discord server here:

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