Kimber K6S Combat 4″ DA/SA Revolver: Chronograph Results

With my search capability, these are the first recorded shots fired out of the new 2020 Kimber K6S Combat 4-inch outside of SHOT Show.

I have posted a few reviews on this channel of the K6S and the quality is very consistent and very good on all the ones I have handled. What interested me the most was using the feeler gauge to measure barrel to cylinder gap and finding to my amazement that all of them were .005″.

So what better way to test the effects of barrel length on velocity than with the same brand revolvers with equal quality.

Kimber K6S 2in Conceal Carry
Hi 1084fps
Low 1060fps
Avg 1074fps — 6shots

Kimber K6S 3in Home Defense
Hi 1182fps
Low 1124fps
Avg 1157fps — 5shots
Picked up 83fps over the 2in Kimber

Kimber K6S 4in Backwoods/Hiking Carry
Hi 1251fps
Low 1157fps
Avg 1207fps — 6shots
Picked up 50fps over 3in Kimber

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