WCChapin | Mower Madness! – Harbor Freight Predator 173cc Engine Hack

Spring Break in Quarantine doesn’t have to be boring – Alex and I hacked a $125 Harbor Freight engine into an old Sears lawn tractor that Alex’s Grandfather (William P. Chapin) gave him!

We ripped out the old Tecumseh engine, gas tank, electrical system and other unneeded parts to go “old school” with a cheap self contained replacement engine for push mowers. The vertical output shaft was identical, all we needed to do is drill new engine mount holes and connect the throttle cable!

No electrics, no deck – just a “bobbed” pull-start lawn tractor to fool around with! His mind is already filling with more ideas…

Harbor Freight Predator 5.5 HP 173cc OHV Vertical Shaft Engine

Bleeker Street Blues by Chris Haugen

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