6.5mm Grendel pt 8 – 130gr ELD, AA2520, and Shooter’s World Match Rifle

Now loading 130gr Hornady ELD bullets in AA2520 and Shooter’s World Match Rifle. These two powders do in fact seem to be interchangeable! Shooting done at the “Covid-19” Range 🙂

Reloading, Covid-19 improvised range, and results using Hornady 130gr ELD bullets, AA2520, Shooter’s World Match Rifle in the 6.5mm Grendel Build. Range time using a Labradar Chronograph. Rifle uses a BCA barrel, Larue MBT trigger, B. King’s Firearms Upper and Lower, Deflector Brake, Vortex Strike Eagle 4x24x50mm, and a custom desert snakeskin Brownells Aluma-Hyde coating.

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