SHOT Show 2020 – Day 2

It was Wednesday, Day 2 of SHOT Show, and I messed up.

I was sharing a hotel room with Mike from the Reloading Podcast, and he was kind enough to drive us around town in his rental car all week. We woke up, got our usual breakfast deal at the Denny’s in the hotel casino, and drove to the Show. As soon as we exited the elevator from the parking garage into the Convention Center I realized that I had left my entry badge in the hotel room.

My schedule for most of the week was wide open, but the night before I had set an appointment with Joel Persinger from GunGuyTV to meet together and record a podcast. I certainly didn’t want to be late for that so Mike and I found our way to the counter where I could get a replacement badge. There we also found a long line of people, as well a sign indicating the large sum of money that would likely be required to print the new badge.

The time to meet with Joel was approaching quickly. What to do? Mike was kind enough to drive me back to the hotel to retrieve my badge and we were able to return in just enough time to meet Joel. There was no time to spare, but I wasn’t late. I’m extremely appreciative of Mike and his great attitude!

I met with the guys from GunGuyTV at 11 am and we had a great discussion about The Reloaders Network, reloading, bullet casting, current events, and a number of other topics. At the time of this article that podcast has not yet been released. Be sure to check out GunGuyTV so that you will not miss it or any of the rest of their great content:

– GunGuyTV website:
– GunGuyTV on YouTube:

Part of the GunGuyTV discussion was about the many firearms related videos that YouTube has deleted over the last couple of years. After we finished recording I checked my phone and discovered that only three minutes after the podcast recording had started YouTube had deleted another of my videos and given me a channel strike.

SHOT Show 2020 - Day 2 3
SHOT Show 2020 - Day 2 5

(You can find more information about this and other deleted videos here:

I messaged Kenny (Eagle Eye Shooting) about getting lunch together, and while I waited on a reply I moved to where they were having the “Pop-Up Preview”. The Pop-Up Preview is an area set up for exhibitors that hadn’t made it into the full show, but instead had made it into a sort of waiting list. These exhibitors were allowed to set up in a specific area for this one day only.

One of the companies I found there is Zeta6. They offer speed strips, which is nothing new, but these are a touch softer material than the speed strips that I am familiar with, and the spacing of the cartridges in the strip is also a bit different. They also offer a product they are calling a “J-CLIP” which is the same material as their “J-STRIP”, but in a round pattern like one would see in a speed loader. I now have one of each that I will be testing soon.

SHOT Show 2020 - Day 2 7

SHOT Show 2020 - Day 2 9

This video also shows another product the offer called a “K-PAK”.



I also ran into a couple of the TRN affiliates in the Pop-Up Preview, QuikCamo and Klik Belts.




Klik Belts (Save 10% with code: “WPMA”)



After the Pop-Up Preview I headed back to the main floor to talk to Redding Reloading Equipment about their new slant bed concentricity gauge.



After that I joined Kenny for lunch. We also ate lunch with Todd from the “Elfster’s Rifles and Reloading” YouTube channel. After lunch I did a lot more walking around. Kenny and I stopped by the Lyman booth to check out their new offerings.

SHOT Show 2020 - Day 2 11

New this year is an AccuSight Pistol Sight Tool and a Pro Drive Torque Wrench.

SHOT Show 2020 - Day 2 13

SHOT Show 2020 - Day 2 15

Also new this year is their Borecam Pro wireless borescope.

SHOT Show 2020 - Day 2 17

I appreciate the fact that adjacent to a sign that states “NEW FOR 2020” are a wall full of black powder rifles.

SHOT Show 2020 - Day 2 19

Mark 7 Reloading became part of Lyman in May 2019.

SHOT Show 2020 - Day 2 21

The Brass Smith lineup.

SHOT Show 2020 - Day 2 23

Lyman has been offering products for shooters since 1878, and they still offer plenty as you can see.

SHOT Show 2020 - Day 2 25

Like Redding, Lyman is one of very few companies to display any bullet casting products at SHOT.

SHOT Show 2020 - Day 2 27

SHOT Show 2020 - Day 2 29

One of the booths I stopped by was Dillon Precision to see what they’re bringing to the market this year.



I also stopped by the Foster Products booth.



Quality Cartridge is a company that specializes in providing specialty, hard-to-find, cartridge cases. They are now also offering copper and brass bullets.



I also stopped by the Kimber booth to check out their KS6 revolver updates and a few 1911s.

SHOT Show 2020 - Day 2 31

SHOT Show 2020 - Day 2 33

SHOT Show 2020 - Day 2 35


That will wrap up the highlights from Day 2. Be sure to check out the recap of Day 1 if you haven’t yet, and come back tomorrow when I share the highlights from Day 3.


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