SHOT Show 2020 – Day 3

It’s Thursday, day 3 of SHOT Show, and with a belly full of Denny’s and coffee we headed to the Convention Center. I remembered my badge this time.

It’s becoming apparent that things are starting to wrap up. There are still a lot of people, but the crowd is beginning to thin and you can feel a little less energy coming from many of the exhibitors. I started the day by chatting with Robin Sharpless of Redding Reloading. He stays extremely busy at events like this but I had a chance to get a couple minutes with him and I took it. Robin is a great guy and a wealth of knowledge, and meeting guys like him is far more exciting to me than many of the other well known celebrities that were walking around.

SHOT Show 2020 - Day 3 3

I noticed a new powder dispenser on display as I passed the RCBS booth.  The dual tubes certain looked intriguing.

SHOT Show 2020 - Day 3 5

SHOT Show 2020 - Day 3 7

I talked to one of the RCBS representatives about the powder dispenser as well as a few of their other new offerings.



If you look in the back top corner you can see that RCBS brought a bullet casting item or two to the Show as well.

SHOT Show 2020 - Day 3 9

I stopped by the Taurus / Rossi booth so that I could drool on their model 92 lever actions for a couple minutes.  I also saw a few other highly decorated firearms while I was there.

SHOT Show 2020 - Day 3 11

SHOT Show 2020 - Day 3 13

SHOT Show 2020 - Day 3 15

mr.revolverguy messaged me and asked that I get a picture of the 10mm on display at the CZ booth.

SHOT Show 2020 - Day 3 17

This was on display in at the CZ Custom booth.  It has a BAR-STO barrel, LOK Grips, a bunch of other customs parts and work, and a 14 round capacity.

SHOT Show 2020 - Day 3 19

SHOT Show 2020 - Day 3 21

SHOT Show 2020 - Day 3 23

I asked the guys at the Hodgdon booth what they had new for this year.  The only thing they mentioned was their Winchester StaBALL 6.5 powder.

SHOT Show 2020 - Day 3 25

SHOT Show 2020 - Day 3 27

Colt is very proud of their revolvers….again?….still?

SHOT Show 2020 - Day 3 29

SHOT Show 2020 - Day 3 31

SHOT Show 2020 - Day 3 33

Speaking of revolvers, Jerry Miculek, his wife, and his daughter were at the Mossberg booth signing autographs, shaking hands, and enjoying the show.

SHOT Show 2020 - Day 3 35

Comment below if you recognize who this is.

SHOT Show 2020 - Day 3 37

I got to spend several minutes at the Caldwell Shooting / Frankford Arsenal / Wheeler Tools booth. They were kind enough to show me their new micrometer Universal Bullet Seating Die as well as their new bullet puller.



A few minutes later I met The Yankee Marshall and we spent a short time talking revolvers.  During that discussion I mentioned how much I would love to see a Chiappa Rhino chambered in .44.  His eyes lit up as he asked me, “That may be a possibility in the future.  Have you seen the steel framed Rhino they have at their booth?”

I had not seen it yet, but I made a beeline for the Chiappa booth to check it out.  I could not get anyone at the booth to confirm that there might be a model chambered in .44 in the future, but they didn’t completely rule it out either.  Here is their entry into the world of all steel revolver frames.

SHOT Show 2020 - Day 3 39

SHOT Show 2020 - Day 3 41

SHOT Show 2020 - Day 3 43

Hornady had a couple of new reloading tools on display.

SHOT Show 2020 - Day 3 45

SHOT Show 2020 - Day 3 47

A company called True Velocity has come out with a composite case, and they have teamed up with Sierra bullets.  I don’t know much about these composite cases yet, but this could be very interesting.

SHOT Show 2020 - Day 3 49

SHOT Show 2020 - Day 3 51

I saw a guy at the Les Baer Custom booth named Les.

SHOT Show 2020 - Day 3 53

Marlin had plenty of rifles on display.

SHOT Show 2020 - Day 3 55

SHOT Show 2020 - Day 3 57

I found some more classic rifles at the Kahr booth.

SHOT Show 2020 - Day 3 59

SHOT Show 2020 - Day 3 61

As well as some beautiful single action revolvers.

SHOT Show 2020 - Day 3 63


By the end of the day a noticeable portion of the crowd had departed to return home.  At this point I had managed to walk by just about every booth and was able to return and actually spend a couple minutes at most of them that interested me.  There were still a few things left to see and a few people left to talk to, but Friday was shaping up to be a much lighter day.


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