How To Construct Your Own Free Standing Reloading Table

Every cartridge reloader needs a good, sturdy reloading bench, but not everyone is free to fasten such a structure to a wall. In some cases, the reloader may need to move from one place to another on occasion, so being able to take your reloading bench with would be nice for that reason as well.

In such situations what tends to happen is random (and sometimes flimsy) tables are pressed into service for lack of anything else. Sure, a purpose-built, free-standing, movable platform would better, but where do you find examples of such things?

The answer is right here! Take a look at this video and it will supply you with step-by-step, easy instructions on how to make your own, portable reloading table in no time and for very little cost. Complete plans with all dimensions and thorough explanations are included in the video.

If you already have a reloading table and don’t need another, you may still derive benefit from this video, as it describes a unique method of mounting a melt furnace for bullet casting so you can keep your hands free and operate the spigot by foot, as well as some other ideas you may wish to implement in your reloading room.

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