World’s Cheapest Trimmer Review

There is a story I heard told over and over through the years in the car repair business; a customer walks into a garage for a repair and the conversation goes something like this
Customer: I want it done cheap, I want it done right, I want it done fast.
Mechanic: You’ll have to pick two.

I came upon a brass trimmer on eBay called the WCT or World’s Cheapest Trimmer. I suspect that is squatting on the name of Little Crow Gunwork’s WFT, or World’s Finest Trimmer, which I have had great success with. But as I do not load much 7.62×39 I decided to give it a try for $23.49 with shipping.

So back to the story above, the WCT is cheap and fast, but done right is for you to decide.

It is not nearly a close contender to the World’s Finest Trimmer or some other quality brands in precision, but if you just want you brass trimmed below critical length cheaply, it may just work for you. If cheap and precise are your goals, you can’t go wrong with the Lee stud and cutter, it’s just slow.

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