Social Regressive Status Report! Preferred Barrel Blanks .243 Winchester, CMMG 5.7x28mm, & Interview

It’s a mess here, but it’s a good mess. Lately I’ve been testing rifles, scopes, and ammo, and here’s a sneak peek.

1. The Savage 12FV Telekinesis rifle with its new 26″ .243 Winchester barrel from Preferred Barrel Blanks needed a little work. I cleared away material around the barrel and free-floated the tang, then I took it out to 300 yards for a Satterlee load test. The 87-grain VMAX hits could fit in the palm of my hand. Once I pick one standard load, I’ll be able to print tiny, tiny groups.

2. Need a precise, high-magnification scope with excellent optics and a Christmas tree reticle in the first focal plane? Take a close look at the Bushnell Match Pro, a 6-24x rifle scope with an illuminated MRAD Deploy reticle. It’s pretty much perfect.×50-illuminated/

2. The CMMG 5.7 Kit is a lot of fun, and I’ve tried three common factory loads. Accuracy is pretty darn good. And certain loads can not only punch through Level IIIa body armor, but it can do it from much longer distances than I expected.

3. On Saturday I’ll be on the Kilo 23 channel for an interview. This will not be broadcast live; watch for the video afterward.

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Kyle Broderick, The Social Regressive

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