Conversation with a Pig Hunter – Hunting with Stu

Episode 1 of “Conversations with” a pig shooter

We have @Hunting with Stu join us to talk about shooting pigs in outback Australia from; walking, quad biking, kayaking and under torch in a pit!

Conversation topics include:
The 30-06 4:14
Sighting in a rifle 6:39
Shooting techniques 7:06
The 30-30 11:35
The Adler 13:30
Straight pull vs lever action 15:24
Why Stu drops his gun to reload 16:03
Shooting factory rounds and reloads 19:18
When Stu met Steve 21:18
Stu’s first pig 24:59
How Stu got into hunting 27:43
The kayak 30:18
How to find pigs 34:21
Best caliber for pigs 47:16
Sighting in part 2 50:55
Zombies 54:04
Stu’s YouTube channel 1:00:35
Shot placement 1:01:36
Olight torches 1:09:17
Camera set-up and editing 1:10:48
Shotgun shells 1:15:34
Success on YouTube 1:20:20
Finding properties 1:22:09
Shooting cats
Using full-metal jacket 303s
Getting recognised in public 1:31:21

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