WCChapin | Russian Roulette – Loading 7.62×39 with the LEE Automator

Loading 7.62×39 Russian with the LEE Automator mounted on a LEE Challenger press.

Station 1 – LEE Universal Expanding Die
Station 2 – LEE Universal Powder Charging Die and LEE Perfect Powder Measure
Station 3 – LEE Bullet Seating Die with Taper Crimp

.200″ was turned off the bottom of the seating die to provide adequate clearance for press indexing.

Hornady 7.62×39 Brass (previously sized and trimmed)
Remington #9 1/2 Large Rifle Primer
Hornady #3140 .310″ 123 grain SP Interlock seated to cannelure
26.0 grains Alliant Reloader 7

Grass by Silent Partner

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