MLok and Keymod Adaptors for Every Occasion. From ‘Murica! GrovTec!

MLok and Keymod make our handguards slim and light, but there ain’t much we can actually attach to them. Our lights, lasers, and bipods need a hero, and that American hero is GrovTec.

Scout AR Playlist:

GrovTec M-Lok 5-Slot Picatinny Push Button Base:
GrovTec M-Lok Bipod Stud Mount:
GrovTec M-Lok Push Button Base:

GrovTec Keymod 5-Slot Picatinny Push Button Base:
GrovTec Keymod Bipod Stud Mount:
GrovTec Keymod Push Button Base:

GrovTec Quick Detach Swivel Stud & Socket:

Searching on Amazon I can find a wide array of M-Lok adaptors, but if I’m heading out on a dangerous hunt, I’d prefer to use some that are built properly. I want my laser and flashlight to align with the bore and come back to zero every time. GrovTec picatinny rail adaptors and sling sockets are made of solid, lightweight materials, and they lock into Mlok slots neatly and repeatably. They even include the wrench you’ll need for attachment.

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Kyle Broderick, The Social Regressive



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