Which Cartridges Do Best Shooting Through Bush?

Does your choice of bullet/cartridge affect how well it resists deflection when shot through thick bush? This is a question on many hunters’ minds, as they are faced with choosing whether or not to shoot at an animal that is partly concealed. Not only that but – even for targets that seems unobstructed – your bullet may still encounter a branch or weed along its way to your prey.

The performance of bullets in situations like this is what hunters need to know in order to take ethical shots and ensure animals die quickly with minimal suffering. How much do bullets get deflected by by hitting twigs? If you’ve ever wondered about this, this video should be helpful to you.

Is it true that some bullets/cartridges perform far better than others do when it comes to this? Or is this just an old wive’s (or old husband’s) tale, a case of wishful thinking? The usuals claim is that rifles like the Winchester Model 94 in .30-30 cut through undergrowth and stay on target much better than a lighter, faster-moving bullet does. But we also know people sometimes like to promote their favourite guns, so is it really true? And, if true, is the difference very significant?

This video tests the hypothesis. I conceal a target some distance into very thick bush that guarantees every bullet shot will hit branches on the way to target and then analyse the results (the results may be a bit shocking for some to see).

The bullet/cartridge combinations used in this test are:

– .243 Winchester, 100 grain Sierra SBT bullet at 2,970 fps
– .45-120, 535 grain Postel-style cast bullet (Lyman mould #457132) at 1,600 fps
– .30-30, 170 grain flat-nosed cast bullet (Lyman mould #311041) at 1,936 fps

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