WCChapin | A Press of a Different Color – .45 Colt on a Dillon AT500 Based Hybrid Press

I own and use reloading equipment of many colors – Green, Red, Orange…and even Blue! This Dillon AT500 based press is setup with a combination of features that I like from the RL450, AT500 and RL550 models.

In contrast with my usual multi-manufacturer setups, this configuration is all Dillon – an AT500 press with the RL550 type auto eject upgrade and RL450 manual priming system. The press is configured with several accessories and is running “New Dynamic” Progessive Pistol Dies.

Station 1: Carbide Sizing/Depriming Die
Station 2: AT500 Powder Funnel Die with RL450 Powder Measure
Station 3: Bullet Seating Die
Station 4: Taper Crimp Die with C100 Cartridge Counter

.45 Colt – RP Brass, Wolf NCLP Primers, SNS Casting .45LC 250 RNFP coated bullets, 6.5 grains Alliant Green Dot

“Tratak” by Jesse Gallagher

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