WCChapin | 1917 Enfield Sporter – Evaluating a GRT Parametric Powder Search

100 Yard Range time with the 1917 Enfield Sporter evaluating a powder charge suggested by the Parametric Powder Search feature of Gordon’s Reloading Tool. A bit of evening Sun in my eyes made the sight picture a bit challenging – I still managed to land a few inside the 10 ring. A couple of my spots were off call with the shadows downrange making visibility come and go.

The next step is to move on with better brass!

This 1917 Enfield has been a joy to shoot. I’ve found success with IMR 4064 and H4895 with a variety of bullets in the 150 to 180 grain range.

Gordon’s Reloading Tool https://www.grtools.de

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