? Volquartsen Snake Fluted Makeover: Inferno Chassis?

This Volquartsen rifle was previously seen with a laminated stock here. Eley & SK Semi Auto — Are They The Same?

DM my brother found a HECK of a deal on a brand new Aluminum Chassis system made by Volquartsen and acquired it.

These groups were shot with the receiver tightened down to 35in pounds, Mr. Volquartsen recommends that this be 40 to 45in pounds. We will get it tightened down to the right specs and come back out with a good target ammo.

These groups were shot at 50 yards with CCI-SV ammo.

If you wish to join this challenge download the target here http://www.dayattherange.com/?page_id=7184 and see the leaderboard. Stiff competition from across the globe.

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