TC Encore .45-70 Gov’t First Range Trip

This is the first trip with my new Encore. It is a New Hampshire TC before S&W bought them. It has a Bellm #3 trigger spring kit which typically results in a 2 1/2-3 lbs trigger pull. Bellm triple lock hammer extension, Bellm #1 oversized hung pin, Revolution Laminate Birch 12 Guage stock Set, SSK 24″ Bull Barrel chambered in .45-70 Gov’t, Harris Bipod, Custom Leather Sling, and Osprey 3-9×42 Compact Scope.

It seems to shoot the 41.5gr and 42.5gr of Shooter’s World Precision Rifle behind a Hi-Tek coated Accurate 46-415S bullet in Hardball and gas checked at 408gr.

51.5 & 52.5gr starting to stack in

So in the end I’m very happy.. the data for 54-55 gr is completely bunk as the forestock and bipod both loosened up.  It’s possible it happened even a bit earlier but… the lighter loads really seemed happy so gonna work on reloading technical issues and numerous dies that I got for this and see what we can do.

Expected Velocities in the 1750-1900 fps zone. Did not Chrono at this time.  Next trip…

So no you can not have mine, make your own!

Special shout out to HausOfArms, SSK, and Bellm TCs…


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