WCChapin | Easy Win – .270 Wincheser on the Lyman EZY-LOADER

Reloading .270 Winchester on a vintage Lyman Ideal EZY-LOADER.

EZY-LOADER setup as described and illustrated in the Ideal Hand Book, 39th Edition:

Left Front – (Not Used) #5 Shell Holder and Combination Die: Made up of Muzzle Resizer #153, Combination Decapping Rod, and #277 Expander Button

Center – #2 Shell Holder and #270 Sizing Die

Right Front – #5 Shell Holder with Primer Feed Cut, cupped primer seating stem, and Double Adjustable Chamber #153 with Bullet Seating Screw #411

The #2 Shell Holder is correct for .270 Winchester; the #5 is actually for .303 Savage / .22-250 / 6.5mm MS, etc. which is dimensionally similar.

I do not have all of the parts for the PRIME-O-MATIC primer feed system, so I fed the domed primers individually.

Super-Speed Brass, Unknown Domed Large Rifle Primers, LEE 205 Dipper IMR 4064 (Approximately 45.0 Grains), Herters 130 Grain .277 Semi-Pointed Bullets seated to 3.21” COAL.

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Lyman Ideal Hand Book
Copyright May, 1953 Lyman Gun Sight Corporation

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