WWII Pistols: Qualification Course Of Fire

This episode 1 was an attempt to fire the traditional WW2 1911 Pistol Qualification Test.

There were actually multiple courses of fire from horseback and on foot; let’s just say there will be no horses in this video.

From a few field manuals, conversations with more knowledgeable people than I on the topic, and a little google research, all rounds were supposed to be kept within a 10 in diameter. These tests at the time were based more on accuracy than speed.

Then in my research I came across a modified version of this test on reveresriders and decided to give theirs a try. They have added a bit of speed and I decided to modify even more and shoot all rounds at 10 yards to familiarize myself with the pistols.

Stage Distance Position Time Rounds
1 25 yds Rapid Fire 0:15 5
2 15 yds Rapid Fire 0:11 5
3 10 yds Quick Fire 0:05 per pair 6 (2 x 3)
4 25 yds Slow Fire 2:00 4 (1 x 4)

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