WCChapin | To PC or Not To PC – LEE C309-150-F in .30-30 Winchester

My friend Mark Johnson suggested that I compare powder coated vs. tumble lubed bullets in .30-30 Winchester…he even provided the samples!

Loading the LEE C309-150-F cast bullet, both powder coated (I think it’s Eastwood Ford Light Blue) and tumble lubed with LEE Liquid Alox, gas checked, and sized to .310″ (NOE Push Through Size Die Body and 30 Cal .310″ Body Bushing).

Winchester Brass – Previously Prepped and Full Length Sized
Winchester Staynless No. 8 1/2-20 Large Rifle Primer
26.5 Grains Alliant Reloder 7 (Lyman Cast Bullet Handbook, 4th Edition)
Bullet Seated to Crimp Groove with Light Crimp

LEE Classic Turret Press
Station 1 – Lyman Neck Expand M2 Die / 30R Expander Plug and LEE Safety Prime
Station 2 – LEE Long Charging Die & Auto Drum Powder Measure
Station 3 – LEE Easy Adjust Dead Length Bullet Seating Die
Station 4 – LEE Factory Crimp Die

Modern Situations by Unicorn Heads

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