LITHGOW LA101: Fiocchi Official 320 TEST – TreeFeller Pushed Me DOWN THE MANHOLE

TreeFeller recommended I try some Fiocchi320 and bet a steak dinner it would turn in the best group over what I have shot so far. Low and behold it did. But I celebrate with mixed emotions; Fiocchi 320 is very hard to come by, the vendor online that had this in stock only had 5 boxes, and everyone else was sold out. Not knowing when I would be able to get more I went ahead and purchased all 5 boxes not knowing if it would shoot or not.

This is not due to the ammo shortage going on right now. Fiocchi for me has always been hard to find.

Journey of 22Ammo Testing:

I have a ton of requests coming in for ammo testing that has put a strain on my wallet and may end up putting me on a forced diet. If you care to support the channel or want a specific brand of ammunition tested feel free to make a donation at /paypalme/MrRevolverguy.

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