Open Trickler

Aside from firearms and reloading, one of my enduring interests is Open Source software; although I could hardly code my way out of a wet paper sack, I can get around. For non-geeks, the Open Source philosophy simply stated is that software code should be shared for others to use and adapt for their own needs; much like us sharing information and knowledge in the art and craft of reloading.

So recently I saw a review of the Hornady Vibratory Trickler and got on a web surfing trail which led me to the AutoTrickler and then to the Open Trickler project. Eric Higgins over at Ammolytics goes way further down the reloading rabbit hole than I am prepared to go at this point, but my I admire his work and methodologies.

I reached out to Eric and asked if he would like to contribute to TRN. He is fully engaged with his own site, but welcomed me to share this project. So here it is, the Open Trickler…

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