Mauser Mount Mismatch – Replacing the Rear Base – 1940 Gustloff Werke Kar 98k

I recently purchased a sporterized 98 Mauser – it turns out that it had Weaver Bases for a small-ring Mauser installed! I replaced the #55 rear base with the proper #45 – which required some clearancing.

It’s a shame that the rifle was sporterized – it’s a nice example of a 337 Gustloff with matching numbers, other than the cocking piece and firing pin. I’m guessing those may have been replaced when the Timney Trigger was installed.

I haven’t decided what I’ll do with the rifle yet – the next step is to take it to the range! I’ll evaluate afterward.

1940 337 Gustloff Wereke Karabiner 98 k
Ru Ruhrstahl AG barrel blank
Geco finished barrel

Devine Life Society by Jesse Gallagher

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