First Reloads on the Dillon 550C

******************* Please Read Description* ***********************
**** Dillon Precision called me back after I filmed this video. I spent several minutes on the phone with a representative who helped me trouble shoot the powder measure. He told me to remove the springs and adjust the screw on the bell crank assembly. He told me that sometimes the fail safe rod needed to be adjusted and I could file some material off in the bent areas if it didn’t hang straight down. I think it was just a combination of the fail safe rod not having a proper bend and the assembly was too tight and didn’t allow the fail safe mechanism to move properly. It seems simple now, but when you take a new piece of equipment out of the box and the pieces are not fitted properly it can be frustrating to determine where the problem lies. Dillon has been overwhelmed with calls and after trying to request a call back for several days, I finally made it through to them. I did have quite a bit of trouble with the powder measure, but I believe the problem to be fixed and it is cranking out some nice ammo. ****
Thanks for Watching.

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