Round Ball Molds and Coffee Beans

I’m very excited to announce that we now offer both round ball molds and freshly roasted coffee in the store here on The Reloaders Network.

The molds for casting round balls are built and sold by Marty’s Arms. He makes these clamshell design molds by hand in his workshop in North East Minneapolis, Minnesota. The molds are CNC machined from aerospace grade aluminum billet, and the handles are solid wood hewn from Minnesota grown trees. These round ball molds are offered in both metric and inch sizes, with the metric available anywhere from 4mm to 15mm, and the inch sizes available anywhere from .180″ to .750″. You can find and order them from the store here:

We also now offer freshly roasted coffee beans from Minutemen Coffee Co. Many of you are likely familiar with the “Bullets for Freedom and Liberty” YouTube channel. Don is a reloader, bullet caster, competitive shooter, patriot, father, grandfather, and he has now started his own coffee company, the Minutemen Coffee Co. You can know that you are supporting a fellow 2A advocate while you drink a hot cup of the freshly roasted holy nectar. You’ll find it in the store here:

Be sure to check out the other items in the store while you are there!


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