WCChapin | Pointy PC Argentine – Trying the Lyman 311413 in 7.65×53 Mauser

Evaluating the pointy Lyman 311413 cast bullet in 7.65×53 Argentine Mauser, fired at 25 yards from my 1891 Argentine Engineer Carbine “Strange Blue”.

This Engineer Carbine has no appreciable rifling, and varies in diameter and roughness along its length – various measurements from .313″ and up have been taken from lead pushed through the barrel. The roughness distorts the slug and prevents accurate measurement. I don’t recall if I’ve slugged the sporter.

7.65×53 Argentine formed from wartime DEN head stamp .30-06 brass (RCBS Trim/Conversion Die and RCBS Full Length Sizing Die)
Lyman 311413 cast from range scrap / wheel weight mix, water quenched (about 17 BHN before powder coating)
Triple powder coated Harbor Freight Red 400° F for 13 minutes – no aging after coating.
Sized .314″ with NOE Push Through Size Die
8.7 BHN (.076″ dimple with LEE Lead Hardness Tester same day as fired)
Remington #9 1/2 Large Rifle Primer
16.0 grains Alliant 2400 (Thrown 1.28cc LEE Deluxe Perfect Powder Measure)

The powder charge was based on the Ed Harris “Cast Bullet Loads for Military Rifles” universal charge for the 1500-1600 fps 200 yard target load. A gas checked bullet is recommended in the article.

I discovered post-production that I did NOT use the NOE Expander Plug while loading these cartridges. The cases were flared with the LEE Universal Expanding Die. It may be worthwhile to try again with more case expansion – the brass may have affected the bullet diameter during seating.

Semi-progressive loaded on a Dillon AT 500 / RL 550B
Station 1: LEE Universal Expander Die / Dillon RL 450 Prime
Station 2: Dillon Powder Funnel B
Station 3: LEE Easy Adjust Dead Length Bullet Seating Die
Station 4: LEE Factory Crimp Die (Light crimp to remove case flare)

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