Hang Your Calipers

Between bullet casting, reloading, 3D printing, and other various tasks and projects around the shop, I often find myself reaching for a set of calipers. I must admit that I do not always return them to their original cases. Quite often they get set down on the nearest horizontal surface, and the next time I need them I have to spend some time trying to find them, once again. They get covered by sketches and notes and targets and other items, and there is always the risk that they will get knocked to the floor.

I am a fan of organization, and I prefer that each item has a specific place that it is returned to when not in use. I do have the original cases for my calipers sitting on my bench, but I do not find that returning the calipers to their cases after each use is always practical so I decided to come up with a new solution. Enter the caliper hanger:

Hang Your Calipers 3Hang Your Calipers 5

This is a simple, 3D printed hanger than can be screwed into a wall, a bench, or can be hung on pegboard.  It will fit most vernier calipers; I have both dial and digital calipers and needed to ensure that it would work with both styles.

Hang Your Calipers 7Hang Your Calipers 9

I now have these hangers near my workbench, my reloading bench, and in my office next to my 3D printers. I no longer have to go searching for my calipers; they are always hanging within sight and within reach.

Pick up some hangers for your own workspace here: http://www.thereloadersnetwork.com/product/caliper-hanger/

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