WCChapin | Go or No Go – Unboxing of a Contribution from JCM45

“Unboxing” a contribution from JCM45 – And introducing “Nadia”, my Romanian MD.63/G AKM.

JCM45 unexpectedly provided me with a Midway USA gift certificate after I had sent him some reloading supplies. I decided to apply the credit to the purchase of a 7.62×39 No Go gauge.

I assembled Nadia from a parts kit purchased from a friend/vendor at several Michigan gun shows. The rifle was a 1984 Cugir manufacture Romanian Patriotic Guard rifle (Romy G) that was imported prior to the barrel ban. It is all matching numbers and unfired – the barrel had protective paper in the bore that had been charred when the cutting torch demilitarized the receiver.

My guess is that this is as close as I can get to a new Eastern Bloc AKM.

Nadia’s Theme (Single Release) – Perry Botkin, Jr. / Barry De Vorzon
1976 A&M Records USA

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