WCChapin | Alone with My Thoughts – Lyman 311413 in 7.65×53 Argentine – Increased Powder Charge

Another round of testing the Lyman 311413 in the 1891 Argentine Engineer Carbine – this time with increased powder charges.

The top charge of 19.5 grains of Alliant 2400 was suggested by westcovinadodge.

7.65×53 Argentine formed from wartime DEN head stamp .30-06 brass (RCBS Trim/Conversion Die and RCBS Full Length Sizing Die) – Second Firing
Lyman 311413 cast from range scrap / wheel weight mix, water quenched (about 17 BHN before powder coating)
Triple powder coated Harbor Freight Red 250° F for 12 minutes – no aging after coating.
Gas Checked and Sized .314″ with NOE Push Through Size Die
8.0 BHN (.080″ dimple with LEE Lead Hardness Tester same day as firing)
2.85″ COAL
Remington #9 1/2 Large Rifle Primer
17.- – 19.5 grains Alliant 2400

Semi-progressive loaded on a Dillon AT 500 / RL 550B
Station 1: LEE Universal Expander Die / NOE .312″ x .316″ Expander Plug / Dillon RL 450 Prime
Station 2: Dillon Powder Funnel B
Station 3: LEE Easy Adjust Dead Length Bullet Seating Die
Station 4: LEE Factory Crimp Die (Light crimp to remove case flare)

No.7 Alone With My Thoughts – Esther Abrami

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