WCChapin | Like an Old Pro – The eBay Lee Pro 1000 “Mr. Primer Gate” Loads 9mm

The eBay LEE Pro 1000 “Mr. Primer Gate” loads 9mm…and transitions from rusty to trusty.

With a bit of boiling water, a soft wire wheel, and various lubricants, the press cleaned up pretty well. I retained all of the original parts that came with the press – other than one rear Turret Ring Bolt that sheared while removing a stuck column from the base and the primer gate itself! Fatigue of the wire at the sharp bend from one too many adjustments caused it to snap. I bent another from mild steel wire.

I originally thought the press came with a #4 shell plate – when the rust cleared, I discovered that it was a #19.

To complete the setup, I added case feed tubes, a LEE 9mm 3 Die set, a LEE Deluxe Auto Disk Powder Measure with a LEE Micrometer Adjustable Charge Bar, and a LEE round primer feed tray. I had all of the needed parts on hand.

LEE Pro 1000 “Mr. Primer Gate”
Station 1: LEE 9mmx19 Carbide Full Length Sizing / Decapping Die
Station 2: LEE Powder Through Expander Die / LEE Deluxe Perfect Powder Measure / LEE Micrometer Adjustable Charge Bar
Station 3: LEE Bullet Seating / Taper Crimp Die

9mmx19 Luger
Blazer once fired brass – no cleaning or preparation
Winchester WSP Primer
Hornady .355″ 115 gr HAP 1.075″ COAL
4.1 Grains Alliant Bullseye

“Highway One” – Steve Adams

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