Discreet Urban Carbine: Suppressed 44Magnum Lever Action

Big E get better brother


When people see the AR-15, many think you are a bad person for owning one, but they see a lever action in 357 Mag or 44 Mag and laugh at the old man.

In the 1800’s two firearms chambered for the same round had a lot of merit. Today with the onslaught of black rifles (AR-15’s) from just about every firearm manufacturer, the lever action carbine has lost most of its popularity. If you do a simple search for home defense rifle, SHTF rifle almost all results will lead you to some sort of black rifle, or potentially shotgun. Though I love my AR-15’s and have become very familiar with them over the past 30 years, gaining most of my knowledge while serving in the United States Marine Corps, I still appreciate the benefits of the pistol caliber lever action carbine, or what I often refer to as the Discreet Urban Carbine.

The Marlin 1894 Carbine in the right hands is still a very formidable opponent for home defense and SHTF situations. In the right hands simply means like any rifle, shotgun or pistol you must train with it and become proficient with it. I would argue the Marlin Lever action requires less training time than an AR-15, or at least it did for my family. I showed my daughter the loading gate the working of the action and she was off and running, with a big smile on her face.

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