Kimber Solo Struggles from Nope to OK – Ups and Downs of the Kimber Solo Carry

Fresh from warranty repair, let’s see if the Kimber Solo Carry can perform its intended job. Shaved, slicked, and slimmed for concealed carry, the Kimber Solo should offer an extra edge of luxury and precision in the CCW market.

Before heading back for repair, the Solo was failing to extract cases reliably. Now that it’s back, I’m happy to report that the extractor works beautifully. Now what about the rest? The Solo’s slim and short dimensions help it stow easily, the de-horned controls slide nicely and click precisely, and the three-dot sights are perfect. I don’t like double-action triggers much, but this one is smooth and easy to pull. Accuracy seems to be excellent. And the Solo does look nice. Here’s where the story takes a turn. First, it’s apparent that the Solo needs a long break-in period, with at least a hundred rounds needed to smooth out this one in my hand. Then there’s the combination of a double-action trigger and pronounced muzzle flip, making precise double taps slow and difficult. Now we arrive at the magazine. A single-stack magazine is supposed to be simple to load and mechanically easy during the firing cycle. Not so in this case. The 8-round mag makes the total package tall and clunky, it doesn’t accept rounds seven or eight easily, and won’t work at all with eight or eight plus one. Or seven plus one. Then when the time comes to drop the magazine, you have to fiddle with it to get it out.

At the end of the day there were plenty of features to like about the Kimber Solo Carry, but I would not buy it. There are many solid concealed carry options out there that have less style but work a whole lot better.

Bonus! The Urban Carry holster is laughably awful. Please just carry in your pocket or an IWB holster.

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Kyle Broderick, The Social Regressive

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