WCChapin | To PC or Not to PC, #5 – Super Blackhawk Hunter – Gas Checked .44 Magnum

Evaluating Powder Coated, Tumble Lubed, and Lubrisized variants of the Ray Thompson Designed Lyman 429215 Gas Checked Bullet in .44 Magnum.

An enjoyable, blustery October early afternoon at the range in Southern Michigan – shooting the Ruger Super Blackhawk Hunter at 50 Yards.

.44 Magnum – FC Brass
Lyman 429415, Gas Checked, Step down sized to .420″
Range Scrap / Wheel Weight / Linotype mix – 19.3 BHN before powder coating; 13.4 BHN after
Wolf Large Pistol Primer
20.0 Grains Alliant 2400

Cases previously sized with a LEE Carbide Sizing Die & trimmed with a LEE Case Length Gauge

Dillon RL550 / AT500 / RL450 Hybrid setup:
Station 1: Lyman 44 Magnum Neck Expand M2 Die / Dillon RL450 Manual Primer Feed
Station 2: Dillon Powder Funnel G / Dillon RL450 Manual Powder Measure
Station 3: LEE Bullet Seating Die
Station 4: RCBS 44 Special & 44 Magnum CR #4 Crimp Die

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