50 at 100: CZ 455 Lothar Walther Barrel: SK FlatNose Match


As the title states, 50 shots at a single aimpoint at 100 yards.
Any rimfire rifle, or pistol, any caliber, any setup you like.
Not everyone has access to a 200 yard range, but most have access to a 100.
Let’s see just how tight those clusters can be with ye’r favorite rig and the cartridge it “likes”.
No rush, take ye’r time, use windflags and/or one piece rests.

Benchrest competitors…ya’ don’t have an excuse not to show what can be done.
Ya’ don’t even have to change the vertical adjustment on the scope, only the focus/parallax.
Just remember the poi will be 7 to 8 inches below ye’r 50 yard crosshair setting.
Here’s a chance to show what can be done with ye’r custom setup.

That’s 50 shots, all at the same aimpoint, at 100 yards.
Indoors, outdoors, offhand, bench, prone, are all acceptable.
Include pics of the setup, the view downrange, the cartridges
and the results with a ruler alongside the group for reference.
Include wind direction and velocity to see how it affected the trajectories.
You don’t even need to chronograph the results.
We can figure that out from the vertical spread.

There are lots of claims of all day long,
let’s see what really happens for just one box of ammo.
See if those “all day longs” actually hold up.

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