Auto Breech Lock Pro Indexing Clutch Inspection

Since I purchased my Auto Breech Lock Pro I have had reliable service, however recently I have had indexing issues which would not allow the shell plate to advance completely to its next station. I tinkered with the twist of the index rod with no change and looked around the Internet. What I found said that the clutch was damaged and recommended an inexpensive repair kit which I ordered proactively; upon disassembly I found that I did not need the repair kit, only to clean the clutch of powder residue.



I have been experimenting with some different powders recently. I had picked up a copy of Propellant Profiles, a very good resource, and had decided to try some ball powders in my 9mm loads, specifically Western/Ramshot True Blue. True Blue is a very fine spherical powder and as such leaked badly in my Lee Auto-Drum powder measure. Always the tinkerer, I picked up an Auto-Disk Powder Measure, the double disk kit and an adjustable charge bar, but apparently I had already gotten a good bit of powder down the shaft where the indexing rod enters the clutch and the hard, tiny kernels had embedded into the clutch serrations. Cleaning was all that was required.

It seems to me if the clutch elements had been inverted with the concave part on top and the convex on bottom it would have been self cleaning. However with the concave on the bottom the powder kernels were trapped.



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