Kimber 82G Biathlon Xtreme

Not so much Extreme weather (35Degrees) but I am excited to bring you this new Lapua ammo for season 2018-2019 with a quick view of the new Ransom Rifle Rest.

This Lapua ammo just recently showed up on the market for us normal shooters. Lapua claims:

“The Lapua Biathlon Xtreme cartridge uses a newly developed, temperature insensitive powder that functions in all biathlon conditions. The bullet’s special shape ensures reliable and easy functioning and together with the new powder it provides unbeatable accuracy and consistent velocities. During product development, the Lapua Biathlon Xtreme cartridge endured extensive laboratory testing and calculations as well as demanding field testing for function and accuracy by two of the world’s top biathlon teams.”

We will test for some groups in the Kimber 82G and a few other rifles with chronograph results in the future.

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