Building the Toyota Battle Station: Hog Hunting Truck with Grey Man Tactical

Those rifle racks you see in cop cars? How about we put ’em to a different use? Let’s turn this Toyota Tacoma into a fully armed and operational battle station for hunting hogs.

Grey Man Tactical Home:
RMP Vehicle Rifle Rack Package:

The core of the Grey Man vehicle rack is the RMP – a Rigid MOLLE Panel made of fiber-reinforced polymer. The spacing mates up with all the MOLLE gear you have lying around the house, turning the back of your car or truck seat into a convenient storage unit for hunting awesomeness. This kit came with the straps and buckles needed to firmly attach each panel, plus a set of rubber clamps for securing rifles. Next time we head out to the field we’ll have all of our gear organized and ready at hand. Can’t wait. Watch for upcoming hunting videos!

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Kyle Broderick, The Social Regressive

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