WCChapin | .41 Magnum – Part III – Loading Hard Cast Bullets & Ramshot Enforcer

Using the trusty “RJ” LEE Pro-1000 to load the first rounds for a newly acquired .41 Magnum Revolver.

My .41 Magnum journey began when my friend “R.J.” offered this LEE Pro-1000 and dies at an attractive price – he also provided the cast bullets.

“Loads of Bacon” graciously contributed a large batch of .41 Magnum brass.

Everything was in place – except for the firearm! Kevin Schupbach of Schupbach’s Sporting Goods provided opportunities to purchase three separate very nice .41 Magnum revolvers. I chose this 4″ Smith & Wesson Model 57.

.41 Remington Magnum
Winchester W.W. Super Brass
Federal No. 150 Large Magnum Pistol Primer
20.0 Grains Ramshot Enforcer
Precision Cast 41-215 SWC Hard Cast Match Grade Bullet

LEE Pro-1000 Progressive Press
Shell Plate #9
Station 1: .41 Magnum Carbide Sizing Die
Station 2: .41 Magnum Powder Through Expanding Die & Auto Disk Powder Measure with Micrometer Adjustable Charge Bar
Station 3: .41 Magnum Bullet Seat and Feed Die (with Crimp)

Special thanks to the following friends:

“R. J.” Howell – LEE Pro-1000 Press (set up for .41 Magnum) & Precision Cast 41-215 SWC Bullets

“Loads of Bacon” – .41 Magnum Brass

Schupbach’s Sporting Goods – S&W Model 57 Revolver, Reloading Supplies, etc.

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