WCChapin | M1 Powder Procedure – Reloading .30-06 Ammunition for the CMP Special M1 Garand

Finishing the .30-06 rounds that were resized in a previous video. The Dillon 450 shown in the video is dedicated to this process, and remains set up as shown.

.30-06 LC and HXP Mixed Year Brass
Remington #9 1/2 Large Rifle Primer
45.8 Grains Hodgdon H4895
Hornady 3037B 150 Grain FMJ Bullet

Dillon 450 with Manual Primer Feed
Station 1: LEE Universal Case Expanding Die
Station 2: LEE Universal Powder Charging Die and LEE Perfect Powder Measure
Station 3: Hornady .30-06 “Custom Grade” Bullet Seating Die
Station 4: LEE .30-06 Factory Crimp Die and Dillon C-100 Cartridge Counter

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