The Way To Native Chronicles’ Custom Clothing Line!

Did you know The Way To Native Chronicles has its own clothing line? No? Well, we do. Sort of! Let me explain…

Frequent viewers of this channel have noticed some of the things I tend to wear – like the beaded vest, moccasins and mukluks. These things are not worn to generate sales – they are just what I’ve been using day-to-day (for 45 years now) because they’re so practical and sturdy.

But I sometimes get asked, “Where can I get native crafts like that and can they be ordered?”

Well, the answer to that is, “Certainly!”

My wife is a full-blooded, First Nations, “Dene Tha” woman (northern Alberta, Canada). She was brought up in her peoples’ traditional ways (how she eventually wound up with me is anyone’s guess!)

The skills and artistic sensibilities involved in her crafts were passed down to her by her mother, so what she makes is always authentic and true to her culture. This is further evidenced by the Royal Alberta Museum purchasing her work to include in their exhibits.

So this video is our attempt to make it easier, if you wish to purchase. What I have done is compiled a slide-show of the various crafts she makes. A numeral appears beside each item, to make it easy to specify what you are interested in when requesting a quote (prices depend on size and materials desired).

Keep in mind that, unlike store-bought, these items are all hand-made (even hand-stitched), so they take time, but the workmanship is always top quality. They are, indeed, individually works of art, as she comes up with a new and unique beading pattern for everything she makes.

Especially in the case of moccasins, mukluks and vests, each item ordered gets made to the exact dimensions of the person ordering (50% deposit required), so measurements will be requested. Prices necessarily vary, depending on size and whether genuine, brain-tanned, smoked moose hide is desired (factory-tanned moose hide is also available as an alternative to reduce cost).

To place an order, the best way is by going to my wife’s Facebook page titled “Nikeeya’s Native Crafts” (or just click here:

Alternatively, if you are not on social media you can use our email instead (displayed at end of this video).

If you are a person who appreciates native art and culture, this is an excellent opportunity for you to obtain something authentic and beautiful. We welcome hearing from you.

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