WCChapin | Shooting Six in .30-06 – 100 Yard Winter Plinking with the 1917 Enfield Sporter

When the weather is challenging, I find simple shooting and plinking to be more enjoyable than setting up a bunch of equipment. A few rounds sent downrange from a basic rifle is a lot of fun when the sun comes out!

I wanted to fire the balance of the ammo that I had loaded for the military rifle matches that are held at a local rifle club – it’s time to prepare this batch of brass for the next time around! A day with enjoyable weather allowed me to spend a bit of time in the sunshine at the range. There was shade at the 100 yard line, and sunshine on the pistol range…so I quickly took my shots with the rifle and moved on to a revolver.

This re-stocked 1917 Enfield has been a joy to shoot. Watch my other 1917 Enfield videos to see more about the rifle.

.30-06 FA 60 Match Brass
Hornady #3039C 155 Grain BTHP Match with Cannelure
45.8 Grains Hodgdon H4895
Remington # 9-1/2 Large Rifle Primer

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