Best All Around Handgun Powder For The Newer Reloader??

During these difficult pandemic times laced with gun, ammo, primer and powder shortages, let’s get some information out for the vast herds of new shooters and new reloaders on powders that offer us the most usefulness for our handguns. When powders do pop up in availability either in stores, on-line or in the used powder can sources, this information will help the new reloaders out there to really glean out the most desirable powders for their use.…The Part 2 video on rifle powders is available for all to see on the 3 Circles Patreon site.

Note: Containers in this video are EMPTY. Like most reloaders, my reserves of powder are limited. Thanks to Dick Tickles on Patreon for suggesting this video for all the new shooters and reloaders. Both handgun and rifle videos are available for all on the Patreon 3Circles.

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