WCChapin | Even More Handi – Sighting in an H&R Handi Rifle in 270 Winchester

Two more “sighting-in” groups on pleasant April afternoon at the range. The first time out with a recently purchased H&R Handi-Rifle chambered in 270 Winchester.

I have other 270 Winchester rifles – one of them is a family heirloom that will someday be handed off to my Son, and another one is the first rifle that I carried hunting with my Father, and the first rifle that I reloaded for. I still have the remaining rounds from that first batch of handloads nearly 40 years later!

This Handi-Rifle was purchased for as an inexpensive range gun to start using a large assortment of commercial and handloaded ammunition that has been acquired over time from friends and family.

Two different loadings were fired in the rifle during this range time, the second of which is covered in this video. Load data (as written) from load notes:

1st. R.L.
270 130 Gr SP PT.
56.0 Gr 4350
3100 FPS?
CCI 200
OL 3.67
Seat .400

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