CZ 1012 New and Defective all for one high price!

CZ 1012 New and Defective all for one high price! 1CZ 1012 New and Defective all for one high price! 3

I sold my sons Stoeger and just bought him this new CZ 1012 to compete with in sporting clays this year, first match is in 2 weeks. We put 50 rounds of RIO 1oz #7.5 down the tube, brought it home to clean it up and found this issue. Additionally, the modified choke was nearly impossible to remove. While I had the bore scope in there I looked at the choke and found it off center causing the wad to strip and shove plastic between the bore wall and choke tube. I’ve started a warranty claim with CZ and my expectations are set very high! I want a replacement barrel or a replacement shotgun delivered in less then 2 weeks so we can compete in events that are already bought and paid for! I’m shocked this made it through quality control unnoticed! I almost ordered him a Benelli and now I’m wishing I would have paid the extra money and just stepped up and bought one. But, CZ has a chance to make this right, I understand that things like this happen to all manufacturers, it’s what happens next that matters.
Has anyone ever experienced something like this, or had issues with CZ? If so, how did it turn out?

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