Bedding the Action, Savage Model 11

We glass bedded the action on the Savage Model 11. We only glass bedded around the front lug since the rest of the action was bedded once before with the old lug and barrel. Using the York’s wax worked much better then the blue stuff that comes in the kit from Brownell’s. I would recommend using it.
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York’s Gun Wax.
Tract Optics
Here is a list of Products we use for reloading!
Teslong Borescope
MEC Marksman Press
MEC Stand
MEC Tray
Lyman Case Prep Multi Tool
Lyman Primer Pocket Uniformer
Lyman Flash Hole Deburring and Uniformer Tool
RCBS Trickle Tool
Best Scope on the Market, it the one I use personally
Duck Targets
Turkey Targets
3D Targets
Bench Block
Tekton Punch Set



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