WCChapin | M855 Velocity Trainwreck – 5.56 NATO Over the Chronograph

NO EDIT! Velocity testing M855 5.56×45 NATO “Green Tip” in my Colt HBAR Match Sporter and “M4gery” carbine. Shot LIVE at the range – what you see is what you get!

The 14 1/2″ Barrel on the carbine doesn’t particularly like some 55 grain bullets – so I’m switching to inexpensive 62 grain bullets for plinking. In order to match the sight adjustments of the carbine, I’d like to mimic the performance of the M855 ammunition.

I often use the Hornady 62 grain FMJ, which is sometimes available in bulk or as seconds – the sample rounds that I fired for comparison were loaded with bulk packaged bullets that were seconds. I also have PPU SS109 bullets that I can try.

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